Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lemon Pepper That Doesn't Taste Like Lollipops

I was just discussing some turkey meatballs with a young friend.  When I said I used nutmeg and lemon pepper to give them flavor, she looked dubious.  You see, her previous experiences with lemon pepper tasted more like pepper and lollipops.

I've had that experience, too.  And it's not a pleasant one.  Too many lemon-pepper mixes anymore seem to be flavored with whatever they use in lemon drops rather than having that nice lemon rind taste.So, I've taken to ordering Alessi Lemon Pepper online, six bottles at a time.  I just gave her one because six bottles will last me months!  (Years?)

She and I then looked at the ingredients, the first being salt.  So it's really "lemon salt & pepper."  Hmmm.  Salt is a preservative. So, would microplaned lime zest with salt & pepper be a handy thing to have in the spice cabinet?  And orange rind?  Clementines when they come in season?  Hmmm.  I think I am building up to an experiment or two or three.

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