Friday, March 6, 2009

A Word About Mustards

As the courier dropped the box off, he said, "Mustard Museum? That's a new one on me!"

Yes, we order our mustard online. Even though there are only the two of us we go through mustard at quite a pace. Bill eats it on the sandwiches he carries to work. I cook with it.

Mustard isn't just mustard. Mustard comes in hundreds of varieties from a glossy Canadian honey mustard to a course-ground British mustard that is to die for on a chunk of good cheddar. Mustard also keeps in the fridge for months after opening and is relatively cheap. A $3 to $5 jar of mustard can bring excitement to many meals.

So, several times a year, we order a half-dozen or so different mustards from the Mustard Musem in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. Although I wonder how exquisite the $22 french mustard tastes, I have a lot of fun ordering from the lower end of the price spectrum. Six jars is about right for filling a box while keeping the shipping costs low.

Oh, and as you can see in the picture, I got to visit the place last summer. I raided the sale table!

Mustard on Foodista

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