Friday, July 10, 2009

Kneadless Pasta!!!

I had a hankering for some fresh pasta but really didn't want to haul out the Kitchen Aid and didn't feel like hand kneading, so a quick search found a wonderful solution on The Second Pancake. What a great blog!

Their recipe involves just few pulses of the food processor and gathering the resulting particles of dough into a ball!

We're going to have fresh pasta more often around here thanx to Tim and The Second Pancake -- as soon as I find the missing crank for my pasta roller!

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Imprecise & Inexpensive

Two themes predominate in my approach to cooking. 1. Daily cooking of flavorful food need not be a precise art. 2. You can be an adventurous cook on a budget. Cooking and eating should be fun for both cookers and eaters.