Monday, August 17, 2009

Caesar salad with Crisp Shredded Pork

This is something different to do with shredded pork, something that doesn't involve any barbecue sauce. Imagine that!

This has three basic ingredients:
  1. Shredded pork
  2. Romaine lettuce
  3. Caesar salad dressing
  • Fry the shredded pork in a dry fry pan. Add a little olive oil if you must but the object is to make the pork a bit crispy. Watch it carefully so it doesn't burn and stop before it is all crisp; leave some soft and juicy.
  • Cut the romaine leaves into crosswise strips
  • Toss the hot pork, romaine, and dressing.
That's it. Now, if you, like me, don't happen to have Caesar dressing in your fridge, you can create a reasonable substitute by cutting mayonnaise with bottled Italian dressing and adding some good grated cheese. Tonight's salad dressing included:
  • Mayonnaise
  • Bottled red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing
  • Some jarred basil pesto
  • Freshly grated Asiago cheese
Easy & yummy!

Caesar Salad on Foodista

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